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Our Programs

Black Men Hike (BMH) is a transformative organization dedicated to empowering Black men to reclaim their rightful place in the outdoors. We believe nature belongs to everyone, and through a diverse range of programming, we cultivate a sense of belonging and connection for Black men in the wilderness. We offer all our programming at no cost, ensuring everyone in our community has the opportunity to participate, regardless of financial means.


BMH Monthly Hikes explore diverse trails and terrains throughout Los Angeles County on the first Saturday of every month. Our hikes are designed as a dedicated haven for self-identifying Black men to reconnect with themselves and nature. Participants immerse themselves in the serenity of the outdoors, enjoy the invigorating benefits of physical activity, find healing, and fellowship through engaging conversation and shared experiences. 


BMH proudly offers two immersive camping retreats each year, providing Black men with a unique opportunity to develop camping skills whether participants are newcomers or seasoned outdoorsmen. Our camping retreats provide Black men with a complimentary weekend camping experience outside of the city of Los Angeles, providing all of our participants with an overview of camping essentials, daily hikes and activities, as well as fireside fellowship experiences. The Semiannual Camping Retreat has become infamous for its ability to reconnect participants with nature, promote self-discovery and personal growth, while forging lasting bonds with fellow brothers.


BMH proudly presents the Whole Wellness Program, a transformative initiative dedicated to supporting the mental well-being of Black men. Recognizing the unique challenges and stressors faced by Black communities, this program offers five Black men who are members of BMH the opportunity to receive weekly therapy sessions and personalized support from a licensed therapist specializing in working with Black men for six months, free of charge.


Our Young Kings Program provides quarterly hiking experiences to self-identifying Black youth from vulnerable and underserved communities throughout Los Angeles County. This program focuses on connecting youth to nature, developing survival skills, providing mentorship, increasing physical activity while fostering leadership and teamwork skills. Join us on this journey of empowerment and watch as our Young Kings blossom into confident and capable leaders!


Every year, BMH hosts six annual Feature Hikes, each designed to immerse members of the Black community in nature while promoting awareness about important issues and fostering community togetherness. These unique events are more than just hikes; they are celebrations of Black culture, wellness, and collective spirit.


Our Feature Hikes encompass:

  • Black History Month Hike: Honor the legacy of Black trailblazers and explore the intersection of history and nature.

  • Women's Appreciation Hike: Celebrate the strength and resilience of Black women while enjoying the outdoors.

  • Juneteenth Hike: Commemorate freedom and liberation with a hike through breathtaking landscapes.

  • Father's Day Hike: Strengthen the bonds between fathers and children in the natural world.

  • Family Hike: Create lasting memories and encourage a love for nature among the entire family.

  • Collabo Hike: Partner with other organizations to build bridges, promote community engagement, and celebrate diversity.


Seeds of Hope is a program on the horizon, conceptualized as a community-based celebration designed to inaugurate a year-end event recognizing and honoring the achievements and contributions of our members to Black Men Hike, the Black community, and to the Los Angeles County region. Seeds of Hope aims to serve as a beacon of hope and healing, fostering a spirit of gratitude, mutual support, and collective growth within the Black community. The program is more than just a celebration; it is a call to action. Seeds of Hope is an invitation to uplift each other, embrace our collective resilience, and embark on a journey of shared healing and empowerment.  

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