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Black Men Hike started in 2019 as a small group of friends enjoying the benefits of a nature. This small group quickly grew into a monthly event enjoyed by many Black Men across Los Angeles County, California.
In early 2022, Black Men Hike officially became a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization in efforts to obtain the resources necessary to expand its reach and impact within its community.

Meet the Founder



Founder, Black Men Hike

Hey, I'm Jelani. Thanks for visiting our site!

I am a Los Angeles transplant by way of Northeast Ohio. I started hiking soon after moving to Los Angeles after being strongly encouraged by my wife to explore the great outdoors; an activity that never crossed my mind growing up in my hometown or as guy who spent several years as a corporate tax professional.

I quickly realized that after every hike I felt better. At first, I couldn't explain it. My stress levels decreased, my anxiety was greatly reduced, my physical health improved, and the connection to nature helped to center me.

I wanted to share these benefits with other Black Men as a means of creating a safe space for us to decompress from the stressors of living in a systemically oppressive society. As the group quickly grew, so did my passion.

Witnessing the positive impact hiking had on the countless Black Men that joined us, I knew it was imperative to continue to grow our scope so that we can not only share the benefits with other Black Men, but also continue to improve the overall health outcomes of Black Men and their families within our community.

I look forward to the day that black folks as a collective have reclaimed our space in the great outdoors, feeling safe, comfortable, and free. If you're a Black Man interested in exploring the outdoors, I invite you to join one of our monthly hikes. I hope it will be as life changing for you, as it has been for me!




3756 Santa Rosalia Drive

Suite 326

Los Angeles, CA 90008

(424) 216-6671

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