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Hike, connect, and uplift: Building a stronger Black community.


Every year, BMH hosts six annual Feature Hikes, each designed to immerse members of the Black community in nature while promoting awareness about important issues and fostering community togetherness. These unique events are more than just hikes; they are celebrations of Black culture, wellness, and collective spirit.

Our Feature Hikes encompass:
Black History Month Hike: Honor the legacy of Black trailblazers and explore the intersection of history and nature.

Women's Appreciation Hike: Celebrate the strength and resilience of Black women while enjoying the outdoors.

Juneteenth Hike: Commemorate freedom and liberation with a hike through breathtaking landscapes.

Father's Day Hike: Strengthen the bonds between fathers and children in the natural world.

Family Hike: Create lasting memories and encourage a love for nature among the entire family.

Collabo Hike: Partner with other organizations to build bridges, promote community engagement, and celebrate diversity.

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